Solid Roller Clutch Pedal Clevis MR2

Solid Roller Clutch Pedal Clevis MR2

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This item replaces the original damped clevis that threads onto the clutch master cylinder rod.
  • billet aluminum construction
  • roller bearings - so no more wear!
  • solid - so no more clevis dampener wearing, bending or breaking
  • totally eliminates the clutch pedal squeak from worn components
  • slightly longer for that extra bit of adjustment
  • threaded all the way through for maximum adjustment possibilities
  • fits MK1 and MK2 MR2

Modification of the clutch pedal is required to fit the clutch pedal roller bearing. drill bit size to use is either 31/64" or 15/32" either will work but the 31/64" is a little more precise