Bosch S4 Quality Performance Battery (IN STORE PICK UP ONLY)

Bosch S4 Quality Performance Battery (IN STORE PICK UP ONLY)

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2 Year 100% Free Replacement / Free Roadside Assistance

S4: Lots of energy and powerful starts for all car classes - Being a powerful energy source, the S4 meets demanding performance requirements. It is a dependable supply of energy for today’s higher demanding components with a long service life and low self-discharge.

Superior Starting Power: Energy reserves with 15 % more starting power than conventional car batteries guarantee quick and safe engine starts during any season. Thanks to its extremely low self discharge, the Bosch Battery S4 is always ready for cold starts, even after prolonged non use.

The Bosch S4 Battery's - technical design makes the Bosch Battery S4 especially suitable for the wide range of mid-size cars. Not only is it recommended for compact cars, but also for cars with more sophisticated features.

Features and Benefits:

  • 2 Year free replacement
  • 100% maintenance free
  • Meets or exceeds OEM quality requirements
  • 20 % increased service life with innovative silver alloy
  • 15 % more cold-starting power
  • Permanently meets the high requirements of international automakers regarding electrical values
  • Safely ensures the energy supply of medium convenience features in a vehicle
  • Focused on mid-size cars
  • Free Roadside Assistance Program

Bosch S4 Battery Enhanced Warranty Program - 24 Months - 100% Free Replacement

FREE Roadside Assistance Program

  • 3 year coverage term
  • No activation required
  • No 48 hour waiting period
  • 24/7/365 nationwide assistance US, CAN, PR

- Bosch S4 Battery Brochure (Download PDF)
- Bosch Battery Features and Specifications (Download PDF)
- Bosch Battery Application Guide (Download PDF)

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