Yokohama Advan A052
Yokohama Advan A052
Yokohama Advan A052

Yokohama Advan A052

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When you absolutely have to finish first, the competition-silencing ADVAN A052® is your one-way ticket to the podium. This race-ready, extreme performance summer tire delivers physics-defying levels of grip, making a statement on the street and a standout on the track.


ADVAN A052® Warranty

Yokohama Promise

30-day trial satisfaction guarantee.

Standard Limited Warranty

For Replacement Passenger Car, Light Truck and Temporary Spare Tires

This limited warranty/adjustment policy provides for tire replacement under specified conditions. This policy applies to tires used in normal highway service (commercial applications excluded) displaying warrantable conditions. Tires that become unserviceable or wear out because of neglect or mistreatment are excluded from Yokohama warranty coverage.