GT4 Crossmember Bushings
GT4 Crossmember Bushings

GT4 Crossmember Bushings

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This set of 8 aluminum bushings installs in place of the stock squishy rubber bushings that secure the crossmember to the subframe. This crossmember supports the front and rear engine mounts, so eliminating the old rubber bushings also helps reduce engine unwanted movement. Installing the Speed-Source polyurethane engine mount kit at the same time will give the best results.

Package Includes:

  • (2) 50mm Bolts
  • (2) 60mm bolts
  • (8) Aluminum Bushings
  • (4) Washers
  • (1) Instructions Set

 Key features

  • Highest and machining tolerance made right here in Canada with USA sourced materials
  • Bushings made of ASTM certified 6061 billet
  • Improved throttle response and increased driver feedback
  • Restored engine/drivetrain alignment
  • Reduced engine movement
  • Ultimate durability