RaceQuip FIA Containment Racing Seat
RaceQuip FIA Containment Racing Seat

RaceQuip FIA Containment Racing Seat

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RaceQuip FIA Containment Racing Seat

RaceQuip FIA Certified Full Containment Composite Racing Seats provide the support to hold you firmly in place for increased car control. This seat is certified to FIA 8855-1999 specifications with FIA hologram affixed. The design is suitable for professional racing with it's increased thigh and hip support along with extended shoulder and rib bolsters for extra containment. The halo protrusions at the top provide additional head support in the case of a side impact which is why this seat is considered Full Containment. The shell is a one-piece lightweight, FRP hand-laid composite structure built for strength and durability. The design accommodates all Head and Neck restraints and there are five seat belt guides to handle 4, 5 or 6-point harness sets. The seat bottom and back cushions incorporate energy absorbing memory foam for comfort and safety. The seat material is a black mesh fabric for increased breathability with a more durable smooth covering in high-wear areas. The exposed areas of the shell are a shiny black gelcoat for a great look and easier cleaning. There are four built-in 8mm side mount threaded fasteners (brackets not included). Optional RaceQuip brackets allow the seat mounting to go from 0° Upright position to 30° Layback position. Seats weigh about 23lbs and are available in 15” Medium and 16” Large sizes.

  • FIA 8855-1999 Certification – Hologram Affixed

  • Containment Model Has Right and Left Head Supports

  • Pro Racing Design With Extra Tall Thigh and Hip Support

  • Integral Deep Shoulder and Rib Bolsters

  • One Piece Lightweight FRP Composite Shell

  • Accommodates All Head & Neck Restraints

  • Five Seat Belt Guides Handle 4, 5, or 6 Point Sets

  • Energy Absorbing Foam for Comfort And Safety

  • Black Mesh Fabric Cover For Breathability

  • Shiny Black Gelcoat Finish On Exposed Areas

  • Four Built-In 6mm Side Mount Fasteners (Brackets Not Included)

  • Optional RaceQuip Brackets Allow Seats to Go From 0° Upright to 30° Layback

  • Available In Size Medium or Large