Integrated Engineering Catback Exhaust - VW MK7 GTI
Integrated Engineering Catback Exhaust - VW MK7 GTI

Integrated Engineering Catback Exhaust - VW MK7 GTI

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VW's sporty GTI is an icon for every generation dating back to 1975 with a promise to deliver on fun, however, the MK7 GTI's modern innovations have silenced the hot-hatch spirit. Every enthusiast knows that sound connects your foot to the throttle and is the first ingredient that creates the driving experience. IE engineers have balanced the right amount of flow and harmonics to deliver an unrestricted exhaust with an exciting release of engine sound back to the GTI without any annoying rattles, drones, or cabin reverb. -The way it always should have been.


Cutting edge engineering and craftsmanship have blended together at every step from design to manufacturing delivering the highest quality surface finish, fit and material brightness. Each IE catback is manufactured from the highest standard 304L stainless steel, mandrel bent, and TIG welded by hand using precise fixtures and tooling. We take great pride in knowing your new exhaust is built to last a lifetime.


Everything needed to simply bolt your new GTI catback to either the stock or IE downpipe is included in the box. Simply install it to your completely stock engine, or with your IE downpipe for Stage 2 and beyond without any additional adapters or fabrication work. *IE Downpipe sold separately.


Factory mounting points on the MK7 and MK7.5 GTI have a fair amount of variance and can lead to both stock and aftermarket exhausts looking off center or tilted. IE's exhaust tips feature horizontal and vertical adjustments so you can perfect them exactly as you wish. Additionally, the tips feature adjustable depth so you can set the tip length to your personal taste. Not only will your exhaust sound and perform amazing, it will look the part as well.


IE engineers set out to create a true Motorsport exhaust system with the sound, fit, and finish that belongs on the best quality builds. Making an exhaust loud is the easy part, engineering one to sound good is the challenge. Extensive sound design and testing was employed to develop the perfect suitcase muffler for this engine that delivers an exciting exhaust note without the need for a resonator or any performance killing exhaust restrictions. Get the most out of your performance upgrades without deafening cabin noise, rasp, or rattles.


A great sounding exhaust is nothing without the performance to back it up. This catback system is designed to allow uninterrupted straight-through flow throughout the entire length of exhaust. The 3" center section is mandrel bent with no flat sections to reduce turbulence through corners. The massive 3" then internally "y-splits" inside the muffler into dual 2.5" exits with absolutely zero choke points. When coupled with our downpipe this is a complete flowing turboback system to back up your power goals.


IE engineers use 3D scanning tools to create a digital duplicate of the vehicle's under body. This provides an incredibly high resolution environment to reverse engineer and rapid prototype a performance exhaust that not only takes advantage of every millimetre of available room, but also results in a perfect fit and easy installation every time.