PTFE Lined Spherical Bearing Shift Cable Bushings

PTFE Lined Spherical Bearing Shift Cable Bushings

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Orginally a Phoneix Power design these shifter bushings ARE the best on the market.

HOW you ask.... well: the OEM shifter cables do not move in a true linear fashion. When you install the brass bushings or roller skate bearings the natural twist of the cable as it is going through the range of motion is lost. the natural twist is dealt with on the OEM bushings in the rubber material they use which allows the flex in a non linear way... as it should be.

The advantages of these shifter bushings are:
 - proper shift cable articulation
 - advantage of having a bearing to reduce wear on moving parts
 - no rubber to wear out
 - no metal to wear out
 - 100% positive shift engagement

PTFE Lined Spherical Bearing Shift Cable Bushings kit includes: spherical shifter bushings, washers and retaining clips.

PTFE Lined Spherical Bearing Shift Cable Bushings: all Mk1,all Mk2 NA and TURBO, MK3 and many other FWD toyotas (corolla, celica + all-trac, camry, tercel, matrix, scion TC, etc.) **these do not fit the 93-99 celica, 94+ camry or solara**



Best Shifter Cable Bushings Available On The MarketReview by Hoooboy
Toyota Matrix XRS 2005
I got the TWM short shifter, Moddiction weighted shifter knob and also the normal brass bushings like almost everyone else.
I replace the brass bushings with the spherical bearing bushings... It's now almost impossible for me to upgrade to anything better for my car!

Dont buy the brass bushing, save more and buy these one!

Hoooboy (Posted on 2/3/2016)
Best bushings hands down, sometimes difficult Review by HENDO
First off, I'd Lake to mention that I've had three types of bushings on my st185. First being the oem rubber/metal, second being some abec 7 skate bearings.
The xii motorsports spherical bushings are hands down the way to go. While I've never tried poly shift bushings from other companies I can only assume they are similar to the skate bearings which leave the shift patter too stiff and difficult to hit accurately on fast shifting.

I admit I was a bit sceptical of the spherical design at first, but the risk was worth the reward. I have a custom (very very) short throw shifter design and weighted knob and with Luke's designed spherical bushings the shifting feels 100 percent accurate and predictable, the shift gates are precise and non binding, while maintaining the oem smoothness and then some.

My only complaint is the difficulty of installation, while they don't come with any sort of instructions, it is straight forward. I will say you'll need more sand paper or emery clothe to get the circumference of the pole down to a size where the bushings actually slip over the poles. You'll spend an hour or more getting it right and use lithium grease to ensure they go on smooth.

Fast, accurate and smooth shifting unmatched by any other bushing

Cons ;
Lack of instructions, fitment can seem off if you aren't patient.

I've suggested these to one other buyer and I would to anyone else over any other product.
Thanks again! (Posted on 10/20/2015)

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